Top 6 Reasons to visit Morocco

Morocco is a land of stupendous contrasts. From the exotic and magical enchantment of Marrakesh to the magnificent Sahara Desert, all through the untamed beauty of the Atlas Mountains, Morocco has many great wonders to offer its travellers.

There are all the reasons in the world why you should take the time to come to Morocco and explore the country for yourself. We want to leave you with six big ones to get you on the road!

1 – Morocco is the ultimate bargain land

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And we are not only talking about the unbelievable deals you can find in souks or local businesses.

Morocco is only a short and, most important of all, cheap flight away from Europe. Accommodation and food are very reasonable too. You can plan the one-of-a-kind vacation you have always dreamed of without depleting your banking account. Too good to be true? Just check out our rates at Riad 107!

2 – Morocco’s unparalleled sceneries.

Sahara Desert Dunes

There is a reason why production companies keep choosing Morocco as the backdrop for their movies and TV shows. The lush golden sand dunes of the Sahara Desert. The snow-capped tops of the Atlas Mountains. The awe-inspiring Todgha Gorge, with its impressive orange rock formation that seems to go on forever. The soothing white and blue allure of the shores in Essaouira. These are landscapes that can only be found here!

Morocco’s particular natural topography will capture your heart. It is the perfect playground for both the easy-going adventurer and the most intrepid explorer.

3 – The unique Moroccan architecture.

moroccan architecture - riad 107
The delicate stucco work. The adorned arches. The colourful floral and geometric tiles. The intricate wood and metalwork. The water fountains. The Mosques. The ancient mud-brick Kasbahs, like the renowned Aït Benhaddou, that are true repositories of world history and a treat to visit!

The architectural style of Morocco is a stunning mix of a multitude of cultural and historical influences from all over the world and well worth knowing.

Choose a typical dwelling as your lodging for the ideal Moroccan experience. You can, for instance, stay at a Riad, like our very own Riad 107. The Riads are small cosy guesthouses, very reminiscent of the Roman villas, and situated among the narrow streets of the medina.

4 – The mouth-watering Moroccan cuisine

moroccan cuisine riad 107

Food is a very big part of the Moroccan culture. And, boy-oh-boy, it is delicious!

Berber tagine, couscous, warm homemade bread, rich salads, all cooked from local fresh products and according to tradition. Almonds, oranges, dates, saffron, ginger, paprika and cumin colouring the air with enticing scents and excitement. Life does not get tastier than in Morocco! And let’s not forget the mint tea and various pastries that you will be offered everywhere you go. Because nothing says Morocco quite like mint tea!

5 – The lovely and loving Berber people

There are very few people in the world that would invite perfect strangers into their home. There are even fewer people would be willing and happy to share whatever little they have to eat and drink with those same strangers. And yet, that is the way of the Berber people.

Even in the most remote villages, where language could be the ultimate obstacle and foreigners are rare, the inviting Berbers will make you feel right at home with their huge smiles and good-natured openness!

6 – Marrakech! Marrakech! Marrakech!

Henna in Marrakech - Riad 107

Voted World’s Top Destination and a recurrent choice as a vacation spot for celebrities from all over, there is a reason why the Red City is nicknamed the “Jewel of the Desert”!

Marrakech retains the adventurous and nostalgic feeling of times gone by, while providing the comforts and perks of modern days. The best of both worlds in a gorgeous African city, right between the majestic Atlas Mountains and the sun-kissed sands of the Sahara Desert.

And there you have it! Six inescapable motives why Morocco is the country you should visit now. You will fall in love with this African gem and you will keep coming back for more, we are certain of it! Just don’t forget to pay us a visit when you are in Marrakech. We promise to help you find many more reasons to keep Morocco close to your heart always.

Photo credits Flickr Suman Karmakar Flickr Montse PB , Flickr (adapted) Thomas Maluck Google plus (adapted) Pedro Carvalho, Flickr Koen Van der Auwera